Persian Dried Black Lime Whole 100g


Pure Safrona Persian Dried Black Lime.

Black lime is also known as: Dried Lime, Amani, Omani, Black
Lemon and noumi basra (Iraq), limoo amani (Iran); limoo (Oman) is
a lime that have lost their water content, usually after having
spent a majority of their drying time in the sun. They are used,
whole, sliced or ground, as a spice in Middle Eastern dishes.
Originating in the Persian Gulf, hence the Persian name limoo
amani (Omani limes), dried limes are popular in cookery across
the Middle East. Black limes are small, like Key limes and are
just as the name suggests: black. Fresh limes are boiled in salt
water, or brine, and then set out to dry in the sun. This process
produces a lime with a hard, leathery outer shell that typically
ranges from tan to black, with a near black inner pulp; the
darker the lime, the more pungent the flavor. The dried citrus
has faint lines that run along the dehydrated sections of the
fruit. Black limes are unique, offering a tart citrus flavor with
a rich fermented aroma. Black limes have an aroma similar to
curry powder.


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