Spanish Paprika 75g


SWEET PAPRIKA: cultivated variety of “Capsicum annum” or pepper.

Originally from America, then, they were long and hot but due to the environmental conditions of the southeast Spanish where it is grown (Murcia and Alicante) and cultivation techniques, its shape was rounded and its taste lost spicy character going to be sweet.

Strong and penetrating odor characteristic, high tinting strength, fat and tasty.


HOT PAPRIKA: Red and characteristic taste obtained from the dried and ground of certain varieties of red peppers. Known throughout the world, from Latin, and its powerful taste flavors many dishes. The constituents responsible for itching, sometimes extraordinary, paprika when ingested are also primarily responsible for its many medicinal applications (antiseptic, relieves irritation, local anesthetic, relieves gas and cramps, stimulant, tonic).


PAPRIKA SMOKED: Smoked taste and smell due to drying of peppers oak smoke. Its color is red with relative shine. It has a great coloring power. The taste, aroma and color are stable given the slow drying process used in its manufacture.

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