De Cecco Tagliatelle Durum Wheat 500g


De Cecco Tagliatelle.

They come from the regions of Northern Italy, especially the gastronomic and culinary tradition of Emilia. The Emilian origins of the tagliatelle are testified by their presence in the folk people and the way to embrace the Emilian people. We have an example of the deep emilian roots of the tagliatelle in Pellegrino Artusi’s “science in cooking and the art of eating good” by Pellegrino Artusi: “Short buds and long noodles, say the Bolognesi, and they say good, because long reports scare poor husbands and the short noodles testify to the imperfection. that they made and serve as an excess of cooking. Their natural versatility makes them tasty with all types of dressing: they are great as dry or pasta paste, perfect seafood and shell dressings, butter, white sauces made from soft cheese and cream with l add curry or saffron.

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