Rose Harissa Paste

Rose Harissa Paste

PREP TIME: 30min



Harissa, the basic flavoring agent in Tunisian cuisine, is extremely versatile. Our version is well paired with Organic Iranian Rose petals which add another layer of flavour. Use it as a condiment for grilled meat or fish, add it to roasted vegetables, or stir into stews and soups. We particularly like it with couscous or rice. 



  1. Soak dried rose petals in a little water to soften and set aside.

  2. Put a good glug of EVOO in a fry pan and lightly toast the harissa mix until fragrant; about 2-3 minutes. Allow to cool.

  3. Pat dry peppers and combine all ingredients (except rose petals) into a blender or bowl and wand and blitz until combined but still chunky.

  4. Stir through rose petals and water. Garnish with dried rose petals as required. Store in glass jar in fridge, should keep for approximately 2 weeks.

  5. This recipe makes about 200g of paste.


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