La Chinata CC Cream SPF25

$26.99 inc. GST

La Chinata CC Cream SPF25 is a facial cream elaborated with powerful moisturizing and antioxidant actives which provides a natural coverage of imperfections. In addition, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and their derivate, contain vitamin C, resveratrol and other moisturizing actives with long-lasting effect.

It’s a very light product ideal to improve skin appearance with a touch of colour. The result is an effect similar to which we get applying a makeup base; with the difference that it contains additional benefits for skin care. So, we don’t just obtain a more uniform complexion and minimize facial blemishes to create a perfect skin tone; but also moisturizes, regulates the desquamation, softens skin and has antioxidant and anti-aging agents, in addition to acting as facial sun protector.

Content: 30ml.


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